National Seminar Criminal Justice Studies Fund

SFBC is a proud supporter of the National Seminar sponsored by the Institute for Criminal Studies (ICJS). The Broward Sheriff’s Office ICJS was established as a state regional criminal justice training center in May 2003. Certified by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, the ICJS conducts advanced, specialized and career development training programs for law enforcement, detention, probation and parole and fire rescue personnel. The ICJS is dedicated to providing high-quality training and educational services to public safety professionals. The mission of the ICJS is to develop the professional knowledge, skills and abilities of its students by presenting state-of-the-art training programs in a positive learning environment. The ICJS conducts training programs at BSO’s Public Safety Building and Training Annex; Markham Park; Pompano Beach Firearms Range; and the Paul Rein Detention Facility.